Hatch River Expeditions

Hatch River Expeditions has been running rivers in the southeast United States since 1929 and has the honor of being the first rafting outfitter in North America. Based in Flagstaff, AZ, provides the ultimate Grand Canyon white water rafting adventure.

Increase in online orders
Increase in Average Order Value
Increase in conversions

The Challenge

As with many of our clients, over the years the team at Hatch had worked with a few other web shops and never received the type of service they expected. Their web presence originally launched in 2004. The look of the website was very dated, didn't work well on mobile devices, and since the site was built in Wordpress it didn't download very quickly. One of our goals was to ensure that Hatch would receive a quality website and that Canyons Digital would be the last web agency they would ever want to work with.

The Objective

Hatch River Expeditions was built using Wordpress, which caused issues with many of the modified plugins and introduced security threats. The main objective was to increase security, increase page load speeds, and modernize the look and functionality of their site.

Increase In Average Order Value

The Result

Since the launch of their new site, Hatch River Expeditions has seen a 11% increase in average order value and a 94% increase in orders placed online! Since we launched the new site during the company's slow season(November), we were able to mitigate any issues with the transfer to one of our monitored hosting packages. The new site is fast, modern, and delivered their return on investment in the firstyear

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